Boho Elopement Photographer

Boho Wedding & Elopement Photographer


"[You] captured moments that I didn't even realize were so special" -Jessica

"I was speechless at how you captured me in your photos that day, they were raw, honest, and beautiful. You blew me away with your ability to capture the love, anticipation and the sheer joy that Ben and I felt. You produced a beautiful documentation of the events of that day - beautiful being an understatement. I am thankful because the feelings and the stories that the photos evoked were and are 100% real.-Sascha

"I booked with Joni because I love her humble, kind, and happy personality. Her work is exactly what I want hanging on the walls of my home or in a special album to share. Her photographs capture every emotion and she transforms that moment of your life into a true work of art. I love looking at all of them because they bring a smile to my face as I am literally taken back to that wonderful time in my life. Thanks to Joni I have that treasure to keep forever.-Alisha

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"Joni, I couldn't have asked for more!!! You are amazing and captured every little detail we worked so hard on and you captured every emotion!!! I'm so so happy!"


"Your pictures are some of my most cherished items. You and they both have changed my life"


"The BEST wedding day ever came complete with the BEST photographer to capture the beauty of it all for us. Oh, what a day it was! A million thanks to Joni Bilderback Photography!"