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Hi, I'm Joni! I’m a traveler and outdoor wedding photographer. I'm known for my constant laughter, floral print dresses, and free-spirited travel habits. Most days you can find me exploring new places or binge watching Netflix under a fuzzy blanket. My world revolves around good food, great conversation, and experiencing the outdoors. I'm passionate about chasing warm weather, bohemian styles, the earth, equality, and ordering dessert.



Because my mother passed when I was young, photographs are how I came to know her. At every wedding I think about this, what photographs have done for me, and how I could provide that for my couples. I carry this with me to think about what might be precious to them later in life, to look for those subtle gestures of affection that naturally occur between two people deeply in love, or to find teary-eyed moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

I want my couples to look at their wedding photos every year on their anniversary and be able to relive what the day felt like, how they loved each person that was there, and know that this first family heirloom will keep getting more and more valuable with time.

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With my vagabond spirit, I am no stranger to life on the road. I've been known to roam from state to state, road trip on a whim, live out of a carry-on (I pack really light), and even travel internationally on a day's notice. I can't wait to share an adventure together!

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I'm currently living in Bloomington, IN and most frequently serve the West and the Mid-West but love expanding my experiences all around the world. My personal adventures and the weddings that I book determine my travel schedule for the year, and I am always thrilled with every location I can add to my map! 

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My #50states50weddings project was started in 2015 with the goal of photographing a wedding in each state. I'm always amazed by how unique each state is and the hidden gems you can find with a little wandering. This project has brought me to some really amazing places so far and I can't wait to spend some time experiencing your state!

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I booked with Joni because I love her humble, kind, and happy personality. Her work is exactly what I want hanging on the walls of my home or in a special album to share. Her photographs capture every emotion and she transforms that moment of your life into a true work of art. I love looking at all of them because they bring a smile to my face as I am literally taken back to that wonderful time in my life. Thanks to Joni I have that treasure to keep forever.


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