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I'm going to give it to you


I’m not going to claim there are some business secrets that once I enlighten you on will magically transform your business. Those kinds of marketing tactics are meant to make you feel like there is no way that you could do this on your own. I don’t want to treat you like that, because I’ve been trapped in this marketing ploy a thousand times. For years, I was constantly on the search for the one secret to suddenly make myself an overnight success, willing to pay anyone who claimed they had it. Turns out, that’s not how it works. So much was already inside of me, I just needed to trust that I could do it on my own. That may be the case for you, too.

It’s time for you to assess where

you are 

Are you happy with your work?

Do you feel comfortable and confident in your shoots?

Do you have funnn? Do your clients have fun?

Are you longing for more?

Are you currently able to create the images you want or do you need help?

I’m just right here

in front of you

in case you want to learn the way I do things.

During my sessions, I consistently get:

  • Praise from my couples about how comfortable they felt when they thought they’d be awkward
  • Guys telling me they actually had FUN even though they thought they wouldn’t
  • Couples opening up and crying during engagement sessions (love those emotional images!)
  • Photos that people are obsessed with
  • Long, raving reviews from both men and women

What I can offer you is simple. I can show you how I, no matter the couple, get these results:

So, it’s time to make a


Do you want to know how I execute engagement sessions to produce these images or not?


If you do, I’d get on it, right now!

I only have availability in the midwest in June + July and then in California for the remainder of 2019.