2016 Contest Results | Ranked Top 1% of Wedding Photos

The 2017 Shoot & Share photo contest is here, and it’s like my winter sport. I get to avoid the cold while competing in a ginormous event. As I’m placing my votes I’m usually talking to myself, “judging” the current participants like they just did some double back-flip ski jump (I likely made that up.) I assign them rankings and select the winner based off of lighting, skill, composition, and the emotions evoked from the photograph. If you’d like to get a little voting in yourself you can do that HERE until Friday, March 3, 2017.

Now, back to the 2016 contest. During my time voting this year, I realized I never shared the 2016 results! This is a little late, but I’m excited to share the badges and rankings with you!

This was the third year they’ve done the contest, and every time has been so much fun for me! I enjoy it because it includes photographers of all different levels, fair voting, and has entrants from all over the world! Not to mention voting is so fun and incredibly addicting. In the 2016 contest, there were over 225,000 photos entered by photographers in 120 different countries. How incredible!

Here are my placements:

5 images in the top 30%: placing in several wedding, engagement, and non-wedding categories

6 images in the top 20%: placing in several wedding and engagement related categories

2 images in the top 10%: placing in The Wedding Couple category + The Details: Cake, Flowers and Decor category

4 Images Marked as Finalists


Emotion and Excitement

I love this category because emotional wedding images are my everything. I’m obsessed with these moments of joy, anticipation, and overwhelming emotion. To be ranked anywhere in this category makes my heart skip a beat. I’m so thrilled to announce that one of my images placed in the top 2.5% in the Emotion and Excitement category!


The Wedding Couple

Out of the 25 different categories, this is the MOST competitive category in the entire contest. It’s also one that I actually care about ranking in. It really doesn’t matter to me if I won the entire contest for a landscape photo because that doesn’t mean much for my couples. I’m proud that as I’m looking over my placements I’m seeing the awards go to my photos that are from REAL weddings and REAL couples. I’m so honored to announce that 3 of my images placed in the top 2%, 1.5%, and 1%!

Here is the image that ranked in the top 1% of wedding photos

Glacier National Park Destination Wedding

I want to send my gratitude to the Shoot and Share community, every one of my couples, and you for helping me celebrate this special moment in my life! Thank you!

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