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Abigail + Dylan

A Depauw Nature Park Engagement Session


Here’s a wild story for you: Abbie is marrying her photobomber!! Seriously, that’s how these two met! While at a summer concert, Dylan jumped into Abbie’s Snapchat video while passing by. Even with such a quick first glance, these two were instantly attracted to each other. The rest of the night they thought about each other, Dylan captivated by Abbie’s figure and piercing blue eyes and Abbie wondering if she would ever see this “unbelievably attractive” man again!

Come the end of the night, Dylan spotted Abbie while they were all exiting the venue and immediately grabbed her and kissed her! Wowza, this is like a movie or something?!? Abbie was convinced that this guy had to be too good to be true!

Luckily, these two exchanged numbers and had an equally remarkable first date to prove to Abbie that Dylan really was just that good ;)

“We went at a Notre Dame game a few months after the concert and we had a weekend that was truly out of a novel. It was completely spontaneous. It didn’t seem real. We laughed and danced and I never experienced truly living with anyone like this before. He was amazing. It was incredible. I remember his smile (ear to ear) and uncontrollable laughter. Plus, his vocals when he would belt out to his favorite song!” -Abbie



“I remember she was willing to go where the party goes and have a good time no matter what. She surprised me how open she was for unordinary ideas, moving in together so quickly, and going through the ups and downs right off the bat in a relationship. She was extremely mature and communicated in a way that helped me come out of my shell.” -Dylan



“I knew I wanted to marry her because of how committed she was to making our relationship stronger and did whatever it took to keep us together. She moved states twice while I went on a personal journey to start figuring out what I want to do in life. I don’t know if I can say there was one exact moment when I knew…I just knew she’s the one from the collection of great times we have had and support she has given me!” -Dylan



These two looking FIRE 🔥


and then Dylan goes and does this silliness 😂😂😂😂


“A memory I cherish is one where he became vulnerable! We were on our first big vacation with my family to the Caribbean. We were out at sea, literally in the middle of nowhere and we stayed up till almost sunrise dancing. He could not let go of me and that night he told me how much he truly loved me. (Actually said the words, I love you) I will never forget. He doesn’t open up often, so when he does, my heart truly melts!” -Abbie



“Joni, when you asked us to tell the other person 5 things you are thankful for in them yesterday at the photo shoot, it made this all actually seem real. You try to be nice and do meaningful things for each other but trying to put the feelings you have for someone into words is not always easy. That was a really powerful moment for me in our relationship…this is the girl I’m marrying!” -Dylan



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