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Destination Nashville: Foodie Finds and Cocktail Nightcaps

This past weekend, we were in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN for a photography workshop with other destination wedding photographers. Being avid food lovers, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample some of the amazing southern cuisine the city has to offer.

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Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

First on the table was Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant. Nestled on the corner of Church St and 5th Ave, this place has some of the most well-known dishes in the Music City, including their Mojo burger. This thing lives up to its reputation as one of the the most popular plates on the menu with three staples of southern barbecue — coleslaw, baked beans, and pulled pork — right there on the patty. Not to mention this place makes a couple awesome house-recipe barbecue sauces, which go well on top of almost everything on the menu, except dessert.

Speaking of, you HAVE to try the homemade apple cobbler(or whatever fruit they’ve picked for the day). Between it and the deep-friend brownie sundae, it won. Hands down.

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The Patterson House

Later in the night after dinner with some new friends, we decided to try out a highly-recommended cocktail bar — The Patterson House. We arrived around midnight and were greeted with a tastefully dim setting perfect for a nightcap. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different era.

Our bartender, John, was a big part of the entertainment for us as he and his partner whipped around the bar crafting perfect cocktails made with only the finest ingredients. These guys are masters at their craft, and you can tell they take pride in crafting some of the most unusual, yet pleasing drinks out there. This isn’t the kind of place you come to get your typical rum and coke. Their creations will challenge your taste buds in ways you never expected, at least not from across the bar!

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Barista Parlor

Our last stop before leaving town was Barista Parlor in East Nashville, and we are VERY glad we made time for it. It’s a few miles east of downtown, but make it a point to stop inside — you won’t regret it!

First off, this isn’t just some ordinary parlor or coffee shop like the ones you find on every street corner in every city in America. This place has character oozing out of its giant garage doors, which are left over from the old transmission shop. That’s right — it’s basically a remodeled automotive workshop with a surprising amount of the structure left intact from before. The vibe feels like something straight out of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road but with all the fixings of a modern coffee shop.

best nashville food-1003We ordered a couple biscuits, one with egg and cheese and the other a simple sausage with strawberry jam. The former was good, but the latter was simply out-of-this-world tasty. By far the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Period. Overall a fantastic experience.




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