Georgia’s Awakening :: albuquerque, new mexico

Georgia’s Awakening is the story of a woman who’s life was faced with many struggles and difficulties.  Georgia suffered from suppression, not only from abuse as a child but also from the time period in which she lived.

The house around her was decaying, the floors creaked and the walls were the shade of ash, Georgia saw only brightly colored flowers.  It was through the frame of her imagination that she was surrounded by beautiful things and conjured up the spirit of creativity to escape the life that confined her.  At times you could catch a glimpse of her “wild side” peeking out from her usually demure self, hoping to be freed.

Georgia’s story is like so many of our own, however it was her gift of taking the darkness around her and somehow transforming it to appear romantic and charming that has touched our hearts.

It is through this styled shoot that we hope not only to capture the graceful personality but free her vivacious spirit as well.


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Lace Dress :: Teresa Romero
Latex Ensamble :: Jeffrey Gonzales of Ammunition Couture
Set Design + Frames :: Vicki Lee Newsom Orange September, an event company
Floral Design :: Amy Nicole Floral Studio
Hair :: Rosie Davalos at Mod Hair Shoppe
Models :: Melinda Walsh + Jessica Crockett
Videographer :: Film and Editing: Sarah Kanafani, Luminance Wedding Films
Venue :: Private Residence
Special Thanks to Samuel Sanchez, DWF Floral Wholesale, Jerry Newsom + Chris Balsters
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