Golden San Anselmo Wedding | Lorelei + Mark | Emotional Wedding Photography

You know your bond is something special when you hear the phrase “I thought you two were already married!” multiple times on your wedding day. That’s just what Lorelei and Mark experienced on a sunny Friday evening underneath the very tree where they fell in love.

The evening began with Lorelei welcoming us into her and Mark’s wonderful home to capture the pre-ceremony flurry of activity. Next we all moved to the base of the trail leading to the couple’s special tree where family from each side split to take different paths to the top. As Lorelei and Mark(along with their tribes) met and took their places, the scene was set and completed with the golden California sunlight.

Sweet eyes, tears of joy and understanding, interlocked hands, and stealthy kisses on cheeks were all a part of a ceremony that left none a dry eye. Even Lorelei’s youngest, Simon, had his middle-school heart melted as he and his siblings watched and listened to Lorelei and Mark pour their love into one another.


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Officiant: Mirza Khan | Hair: Jennifer Tovani, Tovani Hair

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