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Rockin TJ Ranch Wedding

A Rockin’ TJ Ranch Wedding

What a day! Kelsey and Ethan’s wedding was just incredible with all kinds of beauty around every corner. Set with a mountainous backdrop just outside of Bozeman, Montana and a slight hint of fall in the air, family and friends met to share stories of outdoor adventure and fun all in honor of two special people.

Getting to know Kelsey we found out she is very bubbly and loving, and she isn’t timid about it. She had some of the biggest, most genuine smiles of the day and some of the most expressive laughs we’ve ever seen. Her joy was coming from the bottom of her heart, which is such a beautiful quality. She even had a few moments of sinking to the ground in a heap of laughter while overwhelmed with joy!

Rock climing. Biking. Skiing. Cliff jumping. We probably missed some, right Ethan? It was clear from the beginning that Ethan loves being outdoors, especially after hearing stories of his various injuries he’s acquired. He also has a big heart and, like Kelsey, isn’t afraid to laugh and get swept up in the moment. He is such a personable guy, which explains why so many of his climbing friends came out to congratulate the two of them!

The speeches during the toasts were some of the best we’ve ever witnessed. Kelsey’s father brought everyone in the building to tears with his story about how, exactly, he had prepared for the moment. Kelsey’s maid of honor told us how Ethan and her struggled to share Kelsey with one another at first, but now she knows it was just out of their shared love for the same person. Ethan’s brother, however, may have had the line of the night when he closed his speech saying, “Congrats Kelsey, YOU are now Ethan’s emergency contact.” So, from us again, congrats to the both of you!

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Rocking TJ Ranch

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Rockin TJ Ranch Wedding Vendors: Venue : Rockin TJ Ranch in Bozeman, MT | Hair & Make-up : Sara Kantorowicz | Photography : Joni Bilderback, Destination Wedding Photographer – Bozeman Wedding Photographer

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