The White Sparrow | Wedding Venue Interview | Best Dallas Wedding Barn

The White Sparrow | Wedding Venue Interview | Best Wedding Barn in Dallas, Texas

The White Sparrow Wedding Venue

As a person who loves the outdoors, I enjoy wedding venues that intentionally utilize the peacefulness of nature. While I was out at The White Sparrow on an early March day, I could hear the birds chirping and immediately felt surrounded by natural beauty. I was so impressed by this venue because it has amazing light, fabulous spots for photos, and can accommodate just about anything that can happen on a wedding day!

This wedding barn is where rustic meets elegance. My favorite part is that you have a blank canvas to work with and make the barn accommodate any look you’d like. You can have a bohemian vibe, a rustic theme, or an elegant lavender styled affair! It all FITS in a magical place like The White Sparrow!

The White Sparrow is a wedding venue located in Quinlan, TX just outside of Dallas.

Hope you enjoy my interview with

The White Sparrow

How did The White Sparrow get started? Please share some of the history!

It started with a dream and a lot of Faith. Nadia started sketching this barn six to seven years ago and started designing the look to make everything perfect and soon after begged her dad to have a little Faith in her and God to start a dream barn wedding venue. We started construction in 2014 and finished in 2015. It’s been a dream come true for real and God’s at the heart of it all.

What is one interesting fact about The White Sparrow?

Nadia’s dad touched every board in the barn and built it with his own two hands.

The White Sparrow

The White Sparrow Wedding Barn The White Sparrow

How many guests can you accommodate for an outdoor wedding?

300 guests

Do you have alternative spaces for rain on a wedding day?

Yes, we have an indoor ballroom space that can seat 300 guests including the upstairs balcony area.

The White Sparrow Wedding

The White Sparrow Wedding Barn The White Sparrow The White Sparrow

How far out should a bride pay a deposit to secure your venue for her wedding day? We’d love to hear about some of the special features included in your packages!

We usually have brides secure a date a year out to be safe. We offer many options including a day of coordinator with all packages.

What makes The White Sparrow unique?

It’s timeless… simple, yet elegant and dramatic all at once.

How do you help couples customize their wedding?

Our coordinators help with every brides day of layout and floor plan. We also offer add-ons, such as up-lighting, string lights for our outdoor spaces.

The White Sparrow Barn

Pictured above, is the groom’s prep room and below is the bride’s prep room! They are located in the upstairs loft and are fabulous for photos! With plenty of window light, white walls, and plenty of places to take your detail photos, I mark this as photographer approved!

The White Sparrow Barn

The White Sparrow

What do you do to help accommodate couples that are having a destination wedding at your venue?

We offer hotel accommodations that the wedding party and guest can book through the hotels near the venue and shuttles if necessary.

If a couple was selecting their date for their destination wedding at The White Sparrow what would you tell them about the seasons in your area?

The seasons in Texas are unpredictable and there is no way to predict their wedding day weather. But the venue offers a comfortable inside ceremony area that can be flipped into a beautiful reception area. So, no matter what the weather is The White Sparrow can host your event in any season.

The White Sparrow Wedding

You have so many choices at The White Sparrow! You can have your ceremony under these two big trees (pictured above), under the bistro lights on the side of the barn (pictured below), inside the ballroom, or up in the loft. Cocktail hour can be held under the bistro lights with some fun games on the lawn or indoors during bad weather.

The White Sparrow Wedding

The White Sparrow Barn Wedding White Barn Wedding

You can have your reception outside behind the barn or inside the ballroom. Both options are incredibly beautiful!

The White Sparrow

Tell me about your favorite wedding last season.

One of our favorites was a beautiful wedding that was decked in earthy florals all over the venue. The florals were over doors, bar area and around our staircase that cascaded to the floor with lots of candlelight throughout the white venue. It was a very dreamy and romantic wedding.

What do you have planned for the future?

We have many many things planned in our future that we would like to keep to ourselves for a little while. A little hint is we may expand to some parts of the country. But the sky is the limit for this dreamy venue and we can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next.

If you are looking for the best wedding barn in Dallas, Texas or if you are looking for a great venue for your destination wedding in the Southwest, head on over to The White Sparrow website!

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