A Year in Review: Behind the Scenes in 2016

Behind the Scenes 2016

Traveling Wedding Photographer

This was such a unique year because after 5+ years of shooting alone I got to work with my partner, Vincent! When we met and fell in love we never thought about the possibility of him joining me in wedding photography. It wasn’t until winter of 2016 that we considered the idea. Vincent was about to leave his job in Chicago and knew he would love to travel with me during his year break before going to grad school. I quickly taught him the ins and outs of photography (he is super brilliant, so I knew this wouldn’t take long!) and he shot his first wedding with me on his birthday in May. He did a great job and I was so proud of him!

We continued the year roaming the states, living out of the Prius and taking tons of photos! Vincent quickly became very interested in landscape photography and, through his journey, ended up teaching me a few things about the art! I thank him for not only making me a better landscape photographer but also a better wedding photographer. There is something that happens when you get to teach someone everything you know. There is a spark that is reignited and you end up solidifying every bit of knowledge which makes it that much more familiar. The experience definitely gave me some perspective on where I started back in 2009 and where I am, here in 2017.

I’m excited for you to check out this post because we had a BLAST this year. Not only was it fun to be working and traveling TOGETHER but we had some incredible couples that we enjoyed so so much.

Below photo by Arielei Kinzer Photography

Vincent trying his hand at detail photos…

Sometimes I forget to turn the camera on “easy mode” when guests want to take a picture!

I guess I get a little excited shooting in lavender fields…

Working with Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014, in Coeur D’Alene, ID! For the record… a beauty pageant queen complimented me on MY hair…. WHAT?

The next 3 photos are by Tessa Tillet Photography and I always have a great time working with her!!

Below photo by Arielei Kinzer Photography

Ahhhh the California sun! It was such a lovely day during this picnic style reception!

Speaking of which, Lorelei had fun around every corner at this shindig! Vincent and I had a hula hoop contest and I definitely won!

Shortly after that, Vincent was viciously attacked by 3 little ladies…

He may never be the same…

Vincent is such a good helper! Here he is assisting Savannah up this big hill so she doesn’t trip -I mean, it’s hard to walking in high heels!

Traveling Wedding Photographer

What a fun year!!

Traveling Wedding Photographer

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